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Our promise to you is that by joining CSU’s College of Agricultural Sciences you will become a part of a global community through Agriculture. You will experience hands-on learning and scientific inquiry while building relationships with other students, faculty, and organizations. You will leave with an understanding of how plants, animals, soils and people work together to design and sustain our natural resources and global community in a rapidly changing world.

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Students may elect to spend a semester abroad while working toward a degree from the College of Agricultural Sciences. More than ever, we now have a global economy and CSU is committed to expanding the reach of international studies and collaboration. The diversity of our students is a resource in itself, as is the diversity of the very programs we offer. Our Research and Scholarly Excellence programs, shared with you by our nationally recognized faculty, mean that as a student you will receive world-class mentoring and personal attention.

The Annual Trial Gardens at the University Center for the Arts, August 8, 2017Impact

Very little that we do in our daily lives isn’t somehow touched by Agriculture. The food we eat, the water we drink, the clothes we wear, and even the air we breathe are all products of or affected by Agriculture. In the College of Agricultural Sciences, you will learn through hands-on training and experience how you can make a students competingdifference in any number of these important fields. As a College of Ag student you can also involve yourself in any number of fantastic programs that reach out to our local and state communities, such as demonstrating the importance of Agriculture to elementary-age children.

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